God's Not Dead

Oh It's been a while since I last posted a movie review. I think there's none for this year yet, so this would be my first entry. I am grateful to have "God's Not Dead" be reviewed. 

Presentday college freshman and devout Christian, Josh Wheaton (Shane Harper), finds his faith challenged on his first day of Philosophy class by the dogmatic and argumentative Professor Radisson (Kevin Sorbo). Radisson begins class by informing students that they will need to disavow, in writing, the existence of God on that first day, or face a failing grade. As other students in the class begin scribbling the words “God Is Dead” on pieces of paper as instructed, Josh find himself at a crossroads, having to choose between his faith and his future. Josh offers a nervous refusal, provoking an irate reaction from his smug professor. Radisson assigns him a daunting task: if Josh will not admit that “God Is Dead,” he must prove God’s existence by presenting well-researched, intellectual arguments and evidence over the course of the semester, and engage Radisson in a head-to-head debate in front of the class. If Josh fails to convince his classmates of God’s existence, he will fail the course and hinder his lofty academic goals. With almost no one in his corner, Josh wonders if he can really fight for what he believes. Can he actually prove the existence of God? Wouldn’t it just be easier just to write “God Is Dead” and put the whole incident behind him? GOD’S NOT DEAD weaves together multiple stories of faith, doubt and disbelief, culminating in a dramatic call to action. The film will educate, entertain, and inspire moviegoers to explore what they really believe about God, igniting important conversations and life-changing decisions. (source)

The movie 
The movie was great. Call me bias for rating the movie a great one. But since I seldom see christian movies on big screen, I appreciate it all. And God's Not Dead is a must see movie. 

This scene actually made me cry. I heard a lot of stories about followers of Christs who have been persecuted by everybody, but I guess, the most painful persecution a Christian could experience is when he is persecuted by his own parents.  And I admire the girl on this story. She boldly told her dad that she will not declare any god because there's no other God than Jesus, her Lord and Savior. And this reminds me of what's written in the bible.  Whoever acknowledges me before me, I will also acknowledges him before my father in heaven. But whoever disowns me before men, I will also disowns him before my father in heaven. Matthew 10:32-33

How far would you go…to defend your belief in God?

Davao Adventure

I was assigned in South Cotabato for 14 days. And my adventurous heart wanted to travel the places near the City. I attended sunday service in Victory Gensan. It's an hour travel from South Cotabato. First Weekend was wonderful. I was able to meet law students from VCF and be friends with them. I was travelling back to South that day when I saw a bus with a signage of Davao. I asked the client how many hours will take me to travel in Davao. Four hours they said. I informed them that I want to go there on the next weekend and explore the City but they're hesitant to let me. I know they're concerned about me and they didnt want me to go alone. Good thing, My officemate. Bryan, was deployed in Davao on the same weekend. Destiny Diba?

Life is here. That's Davao tag line. I couldn't recall how many times Bryan mumbled that if there's a place he wants to settle in, it'd be the City. It's cool. Less stress. Life is there. Hmm. I couldn't disagree anymore.

What's in Davao?
Samal Island. The island is great. No doubts.
The Eden Paradise
What I love about Bryan is that he has the same adventure cravings as mine. He planned our activity for the weekend and he included going to the said Paradise. The most unforgettable weekend of my life happened in Davao. Who would forget riding in bicycle while you're hanging? It was awesome. If you will visit Davao, please do visit Eden Paradise.

Thank you to my Tour Guide. Til our next Travel Adventure.
We also attended a sunday service in Victory Davao. It's our first time to go to church together. 

San Sa Gensan?

July 30. My First Mindanao Deployment.
I myself love travelling. For the past 2 months, I didn't have new projects yet (I am SAP Consultant by the way) And I asked God about it. My officemates we're all busy while I'm just waiting for my project to start. I dont want any idle moment anymore. I was accompanying one of our consultants in her training when I received a call from my boss informing me to prepare for my trip. I was chosen to travel in Gensan. My heart jumped. It'll be my first plane trip. My heart filled with Joy.

Fast Forward
Aug 12. Meeting after my flight back to Manila.
14 days have passed. 14 days being alone. I tried writing a blog when I was there. But my mind was too consumed with fear ( yes, felt too scared being alone) And I was mentally tired. I experienced working from 6am to 10pm. That's equivalent to 16 hours. Meaning almost 2 days. And I am too excited to go back in Manila because I miss my family, and I dont want to be alone anymore. I hurriedly attended a meeting right after my flight. Hmm Consultant life.

Take it Slow. The 14 days.
I am honestly glad that I traveled in Gensan. It's one of a kind experience. I was able to meet new people. Be in a new environment. Rode a plane. Ate fresh fruits every morning. Learned different dialects. Created a new circle of friends. Experienced commuting in a new place. And to convinced myself that I wasn't afraid at all.

Highlights of the 14 days

Bottom Line
Everyday, I keep telling God how thankful I am that He brought me to Gensan. It's more than what I've asked and even imagined. It's my faithgoal to travel. And I didn't actually imagine that I'll be riding a plane, travelling to Mindanao. I am thankful to God how He thought me to depend more on Him. And I thank God for His protection. 

Letter to God

Certain Changes

Since our house is being renovated, I asked my mom's permission to have my own room. I want to have my own room so I can have my quite time. I also plan to design it with blue wall painting. I also want to have senior housing management software. I hope it fits good.

Through the Faith

July  15
I decided to be home as early as I could. PAGASA announced that a strong typhoon will landed the PAR and it might bring strong wind and heavy rain. I left the client's place at exactly 5pm. There's no rain. I reached the house at 6pm. There's no rain. Since the DepEd already declared suspension of classes for the next day, I asked my siblings to join me to watch movies. All in all that night, we finished watching 3 movies. 
July 16
4:30am I woke up earlier than the usual days. Not because it's started raining but because I was excited to go to the office. It's the first day of our training. (Training we usually conduct to new clients for SAP Business One). I should be early because I need to be in Makati by 8.  I checked my phone and asked our HR head if work would possibly suspended due to the typhoon.  After an hour she texted me to stay  home to be safe. 
6:00am The wind started to blew stronger. Mama was almost yelling, instructing me to text my uncle. She was  so scared and so was I. The wind blew stronger. . And we cant control it. My brother stood beside me and my mama. My mom was praying to saints to stop the wind. I was praying to God. I pray louder as the wind got stronger. For the first time, I pray louder in front of my family. But I didn't pray for the rain and win to stop. I prayed that the Lord protect and seal our house with love so we'd be safe. 

8:00am I texted my friends to pray for us. The wind destroyed our roof as we all witnessed it. I tried to comfort mama. We're all wet. It's too cold. And my body was trembling. But not my faith. In the middle of the storm. God was telling me that 'when the storm comes, it'll reveal what we're made of. 

10:00am The storm aftermath http://www.tuxedosonline.com.

When I was praying for the Lord, I couldn't pray to God to stop the storm. I know storm are uncontrollable. But God is still God.

There's No Short---------------Cut to Success

For the past 3 days, again, my patience has been tested. I admit I get easily irritated. Ask me questions 4 times in a row, and my eyebrows will draw a mountain. Mention a name I dont wanna hear, and I'll frown.

I've already mentioned here that I was not born a "people person". I seldom initiate greeting other people, whether an old or a new found friend. But people change, the kind I person I hate, is becoming I am. I was moved to change and it became my heart to be with people, talk to other people, know their needs, serve them, (of course with the love the Lord.) And help them.

Yeng Remulla said in his book "Start Something" that when we find the job that we've always wanted, the job that we've always dreamed of, with the F-I-T. The Job that fulfills us. Generate an income, and develops our talent, there we will feel the sweet spot. I guess, I'm on my sweet spot now.

Part of my so called job-being an Application Consultant, is to help the client to walk through in their business processes. (Btw, our company is selling SAP Business One, an Accounting system for SME) Communicating with the clients is one the things I've love about my job. That is something I cant explain. In the end of each day, I could always say, I am fulfilled with what I do.

Back to the last 3 days. As much as I love talking to other people, I honestly hate it when I failed to communicate with them because Im so occupied with the challenges Im facing. I've been updating and locating errors, and correct them. (It's challenging. I failed a lot uploading Payments from DTW) And in the back of my mind, I am complaining how could I finish doing those things without everyone's help. I was reminded of what Pastor Dennis Sy said, "If you want to succeed, help other people succeed first"

But I have another lesson learned from DTW.
The pain in failure is nothing compared to the joy of success. 

Since I prefer to stay at home most of the time instead of going anywhere, I am into playing guitars again. It’s kinda my emotional outlet. I cant even understand how an extrovert like me turns in to an introvert. Amazing!! All I want now is to stay at home, read books, play guitar, and travel alone for some quite time.

I am considering if I can car that I saw in  international car shipping But as of now, I do enjoy my guitar sessions. In the future, I want to learn how to play piano too. 

More than words

July 4 is the day. Its the awaited day for our company because we'll be celebrating our 3rd anniversary. All of us were excited for the group presentation. All were competitive and have a winning spirit. 

In our group, we're still finalizing the concept but I have in mind to sew our own costume. I might use this Burlap Fabric by the yard for our presentation.  

Post-Father’s Day Post

While everyone was busy greeting their dad last June 15, the official Father’s Day date, I didn’t go online. It only breaks my heart so see everyone posting pictures with their dad and appreciating them. Oh how I wish I could also do the same. But it’s impossible now. 

Maybe some of you already read my blog post about my dad, that for the past 23 years, He’s not beside me. I only had the chance to see him when he died. Gone the days when I’m still hoping to be embraced. No more dancing with my dad again song. It’ll never happen anyway. And I regret that I stopped looking for him. But I have forgiven myself. It happened. I can’t take back the time.

Even if it’s a late father’s day post, I want to write for two groups of people.
A.      Those who still have their dad
I don’t know what your story is. I don’t know if you’re dad reflects a kind of father we have in heaven. It could be yes. If could be no. Whatever it is. Maybe, your dad beats you. Or maybe your dad shows a loving father.  Whether your dad shows that he’s proud of you or not, appreciate your dad. Show him that he’s the most important man in your life. Love him and respect him. Why? Because first and foremost it’s a commandment from God. And second, He’s your dad and nothing can change that. You’ll only regret that you didn’t make him feel loved once he’s gone. And third, you’re blessed enough that you still have him.

B.      Those who didn’t see their dad yet
Look for him while you still have time. Believe me, it’s as heartbreaking as losing my own life to see my dad on his coffin without hearing any words from him. Go after him. Create a wonderful memory with him like you’ve always dreamed of when you’re still a child. And forgive him. Forgive him that he left you. He might have reasons why he left you. By the time you meet him. Ask him why. And forgive him. There’s no perfect father here on earth. These. But don’t worry. God is father to the fatherless. You don’t need to look for a father figure in your life.

I’ll be glad if you share your story about your dad. Please do send me an email at marjietayoto@gmail.com