EBE is Love

I seldom do fangirling but I am following Ebe Dancel for quite long. And finally, I was able to see him last Friday. It was the-world-stopped-when-he-came feeling. No I didn’t see him with a  roland space echo.  but he was good playing his music :”””> 

Mid-Year Post

I am maintaining www.pasthadpassed.com since 2011,  and every time people asks me what my blog is all about, I answer them with confidence that it is all about lessons in I learned in everyday life. Ironically, I stopped  posting a blog since 2015. Not because I didn’t learn anymore, but I was hit by the reality of life (this is a bitter sweet reality I never wanted to admit) that not everyone will believe  in the things you believe in, they will secretly judge you for the things you believe whether you live what you preach, or everything is a just a lie.  I started losing my motivation  and I doubted my own self. But, I've also realized one thing, no matter what they tell you, it is what you see yourself that matters, it is what's your identity in Christ.

I know I'm working in progress. I'm the enthusiastic person I know and might doubt myself day after day, but I want to keep going. And keep writing.

Snorkeling in Batangas

Diving was not part of my bucket list  because I am not fan of sea. I’m into sunrise and sunset kissing sea water, yes, but not sun bathing and swimming in to deeper water. But out of curiosity, and it’s summer time, my boyfriend and I planned a soooooo  quick getaway.
Through the help of my friend, google, we found out this diving site in Batangas, which happened the same diving site my friend visited last 2014, Dive and Trek.
This is required before going to Dive and Trek. Contact numbers can be found in their website. If your desired visit would be a week or more than a week after your reservation, they will be asking for a reservation fee. For us, since we did a reservation 3days before our visit, no reservation fee were asked. Recommended: Do yourself a favor and make a reservation, it’s okay to pay in advance since it will deducted to your package. You can  contact directly J.A Reano at +639209064123

  • Snorkeling  – 1,300.00 (Inclusion: Boat Transfer from Dive and Trek parking, Buffet Lunch) You should bring your own snorkeling gear, but you can rent their gear at 150.00
  • Intro Diving – 2,000.00 this on top from the original Snorkeling (Inclusion: Boat Transfer from Dive and Trek parking, Buffet Lunch, Diving Gear, Instruction)
How  to get there:
  • You have the options to:
    • Ride a bus in Cubao going to Lemery Batangas (200.00 per person)
    • Ride a bus  in LRT Buendia going to Lemery Batangas
    • Ride a UV Express in Alabang going to Lemery Batangas
  • From Lemery Batangas Terminal, we were fetch by tricycle arranged by Dive and Trek staff. We were dropped in Dive and Trek parking (150.00 One way)
  • If bring your own car, you can use waze to Dive & Trek Resort Bgy. San Pablo, Bauan, Batangas
  • Boat transfer from Dive and Trek parking to the resort (no fee is required)
  • Tent
  • Rooms
What to expect:
  • Staffs are accommodating and kind 🙂 I love them
  • Food was also great
  • 1,300.00 for Snorkeling was worth it

Quick Tips
  • Be there as early as you can and enjoy
  • If you’re commuting and going home, last trip of buses are at 7pm, so leave as early as much as possible
  • Do not miss the sunset

We’ve only on a day tour when we visited Dive and Trek, and surely it will not be our last visit, we’re planning to visit again before the year ends.
If you find this post helpful, leave a comment. And if you’re planning to give a visit, I hope you enjoy as  much as I do.

I am not fan of sea water until I visited Dive and Trek and nord keyboard

I now understand that love is more than a feeling. It is more than the butterflies in your tummy when he's around. It is more than the nights that you can sleep thinking about him, more than the  excitement you could feel when you're celebrating monthsaries. It is more than that. Deeper than that. 

If anything could comprehend the feelings you have, you'd rather have pioneer mixer than to have nothing at all. 
Im with the busiest schedule for this week but I shouldn't miss to look for bose accessories in the world wide web. I  am thinking if I can have a copy this week. Yehey!!  


2015 will end in 3 days. 2015 has been the busiest year of my life. I wasn't able to complete my 15 books for 2015. I've been busy with work and with my lovelife. But I still have time to look for flute to give to someone special
You can not define a day a bad day. It was tough maybe, but you can still change how you see it. 

I've been writing stuffs about guitar center and you might think what's going on in my mind.If I could only explain why, I would. But Im still thankful anyway that there are still readers in this blog. There's another whirlwind cables that you can see yourself how it operates. 

Okay. Back to tough day. I had a tough day yesterday. But Im feeling good now. 

It's Him

I finally confessed to him that from the very beginning, when I have to write about music instrument, I've been thinking about him. Ahhh. Aside from writing blogs about him, I would also like to write a song for him. I am thinking if he could like to consider checking out  viola buying guide

Qik or It Didn’t Happen!

I could not even forget how we started to be close. Me, as his bully friend, and he, as my male version. He is one of the persons I trust, when I am talking to him, I know I am very true to myself and I dont have to pretend to be somebody else.

From talking online once a week,  by all means, turns to talking everyday. We talked about everything. From our daily grateful experiences to our "little rants". Our faith, our talents, our interests, foods we can not eat, our bucket-lists, our wildest dreams, our celebrity look-alike and even our  dream dates. I've never been so transparent to any guy friend other than him.

Since we are both working in different areas and we only have weekends to meet, and ofcourse we can not stop talking, we  have all messaging applications. Name it. We have it all installed on our smart phones.  As far as I remember, the very first app that we installed is the skype And he  still keeping the screenshot of his first message:

I know he misses me  a lot more now :P

As the time goes by, and as technology continues to improve and offers new messaging application, we discovered the Skype Qik

It  is a quick video messaging/communication app that allows you to exchange instant and quick video messages for free. It enables you to capture videos that are up to 40 seconds long, and and send them to group of friends. Skype Qik is available on iPhone, Android, and Windows phones. More about Skype Qik here: http://www.skype.com/en/qik/

I was excited to introduced this app to him, and I sometimes  get annoyed with his random messages. (Just Kidding)

A Hand to Hold

Have you ever felt like you want to give up and be in a far place so you could escape everything and everyone? I just have the same feeling.  It feels like giving up is easier than fighting. It feels like hiding is the best escape to the problem. But we both know, it doesn't help at all.

This is the season of my life where I could feel the pressure underneath. I had a hard time sleeping at night peacefully. I fell asleep crying. I cried mercy and favor to God. I’m asking God to take me away from this situation. But I was rebuked by the thoughts that I have. Didn't Jesus tell us to take heart? He has overcome the world. Didn't the Lord promise that He will never leave us not forsake us? Didn't the Lord plan to prosper us and not to harm us? How could we feel so powerless and hopeless? I appreciate how Apostle Paul answered this. (As if He’s talking to me when he said it.) We felt like we were doomed to die and saw how powerless we were to help ourselves, but that was good, for then we put everything into the hands of God, who alone could save us. (2 Corinthians 1:9 LB)

This painful season is also the season where I depend of God and not on anything else.

When nobody cares, I know God does.  (1 Peter 5:17)