If we really know the real essence of Christmas, no one can steal our joy

Even you’re still single, You’re still joyful
Even you didn’t get your 13th month yet, you’re still joyful
Even you’re be celebrating Christmas without your love ones, you’re still joyful.
Even you will not get what you want, you’re still joyful.
Even you didn’t pass the Preliminary exam, you’re still joyful.
Even you’re not hearing her sweet yes yet, you’re still joyful.
Even your boyfriend didn’t give your wishlist, you’re still joyful.
Even you didnt get promoted yet, you’re still joyful.
Christmas aint about these things. Christmas is all about CHRIST, a celebration of  the day he was born, celebration of how our savior was born. Let us all remember that even with out this things, we can still be grateful. For the real essence of Christmas is Christ alone

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