Woman Of God

“Forget THAT WOMAN that puts on a facade for attention,
Be THE WOMAN who’s confident in her insecurities!
Forget THAT WOMAN who gives her heart to a man’s wallet,
Be THE WOMAN that gives her heart to God!
Forget THAT WOMAN who runs to the club for comfort,
Be THE WOMAN who runs to the church for shelter!
Forget THAT WOMAN where beauty only rest on her face,
Be THE WOMAN where beauty rest in her heart!
Forget THAT WOMAN who’s friend’s opinions control her decisions,
Be THAT WOMAN who goes to GOD to help guide her choices!
Forget THAT WOMAN that checks the mirror to critique her flaws,
Be THE WOMAN that knows she’s made perfect in her imperfections! 

are you “That Woman” or “The Woman”?!?”

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