Birthday Gift to MYSELF

I got first  rebonded before the graduation ceremony which was March 2011. And since its been a year, frizzy hair is what left in me. It's my birthday next month, so as a gift, I pampered myself for a hair rebond.

Photo Taken before the session
A friend was with me during that time. We're there at exactly 10am.
The salon is occupied. A proof that their service is good. 
I choose Package 3 which includes foods. The session usually last for 5-7 hours. Heaven Salon is quite intelligent  to put pantry in their place. Their customer don't need to look for a place to eat since food is included in their packages.

After 7 hours.....

This is Rachelle, I requested her to attend me hair. She's very accommodating staff there. Though the session took long, she never forget to look after us. 

My expectation after the rebonding session. 


haahah anyways, I am contented now.

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