Contrary to what are other's saying about me that I have experienced everything, actually, I knew just few little things. But compared to what other's have experience in life, I can proudly say, I experienced unusual  things teens now didn't experience.

  • I am a farmer's granddaughter. I experienced planting rice. Climbing in the coconut tree, catching butterflies in the rice field, weaving abaka, drinking tuba ( coconut wine ) Sell fruits and vegetable.
  • I am a laundress' granddaughter. I grew up washing my clothes, ironing it and keeping in mind I shouldn't let my clothes be in mess because it is really hard to wash clothes when you don't have washing machine.
  • I am a Domestic Helper's daughter. I am responsible for my sibling's education. Doing their homework, attending their school meeting, cooking food for them. I am also responsible in providing for or finances. 
  • I am a Sinner, I lied. I blamed others, but Jesus made my heart new, He sets standards in me. 

Aside from that experiences, I also experienced pain:

Had a failing grade when I was in college, molested when I was a child, heartaches, rejections, being bullied, accused of robbery, Denied by my own father, criticized by my officemates, heard word sh*t from theatermates, tempted to commit sex. But again. I stand. Keep on moving, Standing strong, Because I know, I need to be happy, I need to show other's I am still strong, I have my GOD. He still the reason, why in everything, in every circumstances, I have GOD who strengthen me.

Experience that make me a stronger person, in my 20 years of existent, I am still joyful. 

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