I never had an ordinary birthday. I usually celebrate my birthday, extra special

Throwing a party, Eating at my favorite fast food store, Overnight DVD Marathon, Spending the day with a special someone. That’s how I celebrated my Birthday.
Hindi naman kami mayaman, but my mom always wants me to feel special on my special day. Consistent akong naghahanda. But it doesn’t mean na bongga. Tama lang. During my childhood days, spaghetti, cake yung mga natatandaan kong handa ng mama ko. Tapos may ballons at may mga games pa. Nung nag high School ako, pinagluluto nya lang ako. Then my high school friends were there. And when I reached college, Nagpapaovernight ako sa bahay. Watching DVD Matahon.
Humahakot din ako ng gifts kapag Birthday ko, dahil siguro thoughtful akong tao, yung mga taong lagi kong binibigyan ko ng giftS kapag Christmas, they used to remember me and my birthday aswell. So pinapasaya nila ko.
Do I love surprises? Yes of course. But to be honest, I don’t have this thinking na *somebody will suprise me* or *someone will make my day unforgettable. Predictions. I hate it. And I don’t want that. I don’t expect that much. I don’t expect from the people around me. BUT I EXPECT SOMETHING FROM GOD. Really. GOD ALWAYS SURPRISE ME. Before or after my Birthday. He never fail. If you want to know what it is, a big secret :)
I guess the reason why I don’t have that ordinary birthday is that I choose not label it as “ordinary”. Spending time with good friend will make my birthday special, even a simple greeting do. And the idea that GOd has given me another year to love others and feel loved is another <3 for me.
I appreciate things. Small and big efforts are counted.
I never had an ordinary birthday because I have God. I have my family and friends who never forget that it is my special day. And they really want to spend it with me.
Love makes my birthday special.
BTW, Im turning 21 this February 1st

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