I survived!

Sinangag at Tuyo
Im on my 3rd day of fasting. Surprisingly, I survived two previous days without eating anything. Today is another Milo Marathon Day.

Early this morning I woke up smelling something delicious. Grandma is cooking for breakfast. Sinangag at tuyo. I didn't give a glimpse of attention to the food. Because if I do so, I might be tempted and eat. Hahaha Smelling senses is on its maximum power. I can name what's our neighbor's dish last night. TEMPTATION.  Another thing, Our team in our company usually treat us dinner ( because this week is an overtime week ) and I can't do anything but to say "No Thanks. Im still full" then smile. I must include, Im full of words of God. hahahah. 

Goals. Temptations. Obstacles. Victory. Christ.
Third day of this fasting makes me realize, In life if you want to attain victory, you must have a goal. So whenever there's an obstacle, you will be never tempted. If Christ is the reason behind it. It's all worth it.

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