And now I am 21 years existing on earth

Yay. This is a late post. I was so busy last week that I even forgot to write what happened on my birthday. 
Just like my birthday every year, this year's birthday of mine was not just an ordinary day. Friends used to remember my day, ( well there are some who forgot it, then  I don't care ). There are people who wait for 12:00 midnight just to greet me. And I appreciate 'em. I just felt sad when mama didn't call me, and she admitted that she forgot it. *insert crying baby here*

There's a small celebration in the office Their treat for us. I feel so blessed that I am part our team, that I have kind and thoughtful bosses. I also received a gift from a close officemate. An earring. I so looooove it. I met a Noel after office. Lalalalalala. And he gave me an earrings. A heart earrings.

A realization on my birthday:
Even your close friends can forget your special day. But It's up to you if you will let that ruin your day. I am still thankful that God gave me "friends" who remain true through the year.

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