When I was still a child, my ideal boyfriend was:

  • Someone who plays basketball. I am imagined myself of watching his games and cheering for him
  • Someone who plays guitar and sings for me. 
  • Someone who will carry my things in school. 
  • Someone who will spend the weekend with my family. 
  • Someone who has "this tantalizing eyes, and dimple
 But as a grow older, my standard for a boyfriend is the same standard I created for a future spouse.

  • Someone who will serve God with me. 
  • Someone who will treat me as a princess of God. 
  • Someone who is responsible enough to provide for the family. 
  • Someone who will love seeing me every morning. 
  • Someone who will never get tired of loving me. 
Im praying that my relationship with my future boyfriend is the same relationship that will lead to marriage. 

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