For the strongest woman I've known in my whole life,


Happy Birthday mama, I wanna thank you for showing me that you're strong, it inspires me a lot. I know there are times that I made you cry, and it breaks my heart. I feel so sorry every time I caused you pain. I love you ma! I guess GOD really intend to separate us so I can appreciate you more. You know I miss you. I missed the times you're calling me Margarita, I missed the times you're yelling at me because I didn't obey you. I missed the times we used to do the household chores together. I missed the times you keep on reminding me that love can  wait, and how I miss you when there was a time that I really want to give up because of the pain I experienced, but then I realized, who am I to give up on that kind of pain? You didn't even give me up when you're all alone raising me, you didn't give up sending me in the school, you didn't give up on me those times I cried because I didn't want to do the Alphabet anymore, you didn't give me up. You never did. I know you had pain much more I experience, so who am I to easily give up on anything? I really admire that you still choose to smile despite of pain caused of your past. I admire you that you still choose to give despite of the fact that you didn't get anything in return. I admire you that you still choose to love despite of all the those heartaches haha. 

 I will imitate you when I have my own family. I will imitate you kindness and your sense of responsibility. I feel so proud of you. Though there are times that I hate you for being so hard-headed. You're not listening to me :) Saying thank you won't be enough to give back all the things you've done for me, to us. But I really pray to GOD every thing for you. Your happiness, and contentment. I know being a mother is not really really easy task for you, knowing you're all alone sending us to school, and giving us what we need, but still, you're trying to give us the best. And ma, for us, no one can replace you. 
This separation makes us long for you more, makes us love you more. 
See? Cindy and I grew up beautiful, Jerome is now taller than me. This picture reminds me that as we grow older, your hair is turning gray, your age is out of the calendar, you're growing old too mama. I always pray for your joy everyday. And I can't wait for the day that we will go to church and serve God together. Ma, Mabuhay!! We are so proud of you

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