Happy Birthday Abengorgeous!

For the person who keeps on proving me that friendship inside the computer can be brought out in real world, 

Happy Birthday!!! This is your second birthday with the existence your so-called "Mahja" 

Do you still remember this?
Thank you for believing me that I am beautiful. Well. If I have to define who real friend is, it would be someone who will beLIEve in me of course. Hahah. And thank you. I am so thankful that you are that someone who will always accompany me  in so far far far away places hahaha. I appreciate you Layosa! Those times. Those craziest times. I won't forget that. I can not promise that I can be your forever tropa. You know, sometimes, people break their promises. But Dear, I will always be true to you. And thank you for staying and loving me despite of my inconsistency in everything. And another thanks for being fan of our love story before. Just want to tell you, of all people, I really really brought my gifts for you two months before the said occasions. hahah. You know, you're special. 

My wish for you. *naks Celebrity? Long live!!!!!! Long Live!!!!! I will always pray for you. Alabyu

Yours truly,
Mahj Mahal 

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