How did I win the 2 tickets for Hunger Games

March 11,2012
I received an email from Nuffnang that they are conducting a promo to win two tickets of Hunger Games Movie Screening. It didn't get my attention. There's a lot of nuffnangers out there who is greater blogger than me. I wont win that ticket.

March 12, 2012
When I open my blog I saw in dashboard a nuffnanger blogged about the promo. Just to try my luck, I did a blog entry.  ( ok I know my entry wasn't that good )The promo has an instruction that entries could only be submitted on March 12, 2012 at 12noon onwards. So That's what I did. Wait for 12 and submitted my entry.

The Movie.
I have a reservation for Hunger Games Meet up on Trinoma which is organized by the Tumblrista's. I want to watched the movie with them, but unfortunately, deadline for payment is on March 19. And by that date, I couldn't make a payment. So with so much faith. ( Yes I pray for it ) I claim that Im gonna win the Nuffnang's Promo.

The invitation.
I have waited for the 12:00 noon today. Because today is the announcement of the winners. And yees I won!! *So insert my reaction here when I saw my name. I said a loud OWWWEEEEMGEEE.* I actually don't expect it. I pray for it. Yes. But there's a lot of bloggers who blog better than me ( OK I just repeat what I said) So, in thousands I guess who participate, I am included in the winners. Oh! Its a great blessing for me.

so how did I win? I blog. I pray. And I pray.

Thank you Nuffnang!! This is an early summer gift

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