If I have one friend left, I just want it to be you,

 "I dont feel comfortable leaving a friend behind  sorry if i made u feel bad about it.... gusto lng naman kasi kita cyempre palagi kasama eh"

OK. My last conversation with my officemate made me cry. To be honest, she's a blessing to me. She came the moment I asked God for a friend with the same belief as mine. She came the moment I asked God for a friend. A true friend in the office. Just to explain myself. I am not that snob, I actually consider myself friendly. But I really too picky with the friends I get along with. I am to choosy when it comes to friends I laugh with. And there she goes. Lets say--she's that perfect package for me. 

See, who would be not proud to have a friend like her? Pretty face with a humble attitude. Friend who never ever leave me those times I felt so empty. She's an angel in disguise. But I feel so selfish when some of our officemates are asking her to join their lunch but she's not coming because she doesn't want to leave me behind. I feel so pathetic that she's settle with me, instead of enjoying some of our officemate's company. And it makes me hate myself. But still, Im thankful. She choose to stay with me not because she feels I can not stand alone, but she stays because I'm a friend. I need to remind myself that she's a blessing, therefore. I shouldn't push her away, but embrace the moments that we are going to spend together.  

I am sorry. I always act weird

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