Louder than Words

Listen up, ladies. If you're out there wanting to land a man for keeps, set your boundaries.

     First, don't let any man treat you like you're his girlfriend unless he's made things explicitly clear. If you're wondering whether you're on or not, then probably, you're not!

     Next, don't let him hold your hand, put his arm around you or kiss you affectionately ( even on cheek ) unless he's committed to you.

     Third, don't let him have things for free. Your time and company are valuable. If he wants you to available everytime he wants, then he should understand that that role is played by a girlfriend, which he cant get unless hes willling to pay the price.

Now a word to the men. Please be mindful thet when you give preferential treatment to a girl that you're not particularly pursuing, it sends a different signal to woman, especially if she's attracted to you.  Understand that when you often call a girl or ask her out exclusively even when you have no romantic intentions, your action speak louder than words. If you dint have any intentions of courting a girl, then don't paly with her heart. Set your oundaries too, so that you dont unknowingly mislead a girl into thinking that youlike hwen you dont.

This is part of the book I've read; Oh God Im still single by Rissa Singson-Kawpeng. I love how she expained the Do's and Don'ts of a single woman.

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