For the person who will never ran out of joy,

Since this is my blog, and its your birthday, I wish to post our picture together but then, I realized, I will look like your "chimay" because you look so fabulous, elegant, pretty, eloquent while I just look, "just beautiful" Hahaha. I want to put here a lil drama, minus my tears. Ok. Let's start.

 I have told you that you are a blessing in my life, and I will never get tired of saying that. Leona Joy, you are a blessing. You came the moment I asked God for a friend with the same belief as mine. You came the moment I asked God for a friend. A true friend in the office.  You came the moment I can't no longer see myself  staying in the office. You came the moment I really need a friend. THANK YOU. I know saying thank you isn't enough to prove you how grateful I am that you came. But I am so thankful to God that He sent you. 

  • THANK YOU. For believing in me when I doubted myself. 
  • THANK YOU. For encouraging me when I am discouraged. 
  • THANK YOU. For loving me when I don't feel the love of the people around me. 
  • And thank you. Super Thank you, for understanding me 
  • every time I am act weird, when all the things seems unexplainable, and for staying with me, staying true to me. 

If there are things I can do to you just to give back all your favor to me, I will do it. With all my heart. Because I love you.  Happy Birthday!! Happy Birthday!!! I Pray for your JOYful day.


aliveandawkward_abe mod

Sweet. Happy Birthday po kay bff mo. :D


si officemate yan eh :) Thanks daw with smiles

leonajoyse mod

Friend you're really sweet... You are also my blessing and my most appreciative friend.. Thank you for always uplifting my spirit and for your constant love for me even though there are times that im not myself anymore .... I love you friend ... Ur very special in my heart..


nice..happy bday joy..miss you and bebe 


Sweet :)
Happy birthday to her :)


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