For the sweetest person I've known in my whole life,

At 21, you're already a mom, At 21, you faced the difficulty of giving birth to me. You know mama, I am so proud that though you're the one who's raising me, you never give me up. I know sometimes, Im giving you pains, and as I see tears that I caused you, It makes me think, If ever I have my own kids in the future, would they be as hard headed as me?. But one thing is for sure, I will teach my kids same lessons I learned from you. You are the very very best mom ever.  because: 
  • You have colorful underwear's than mine
  • You're calling him "boyfriend"
  • You like hang out with my friends
  • You want to have gimik at your age huh? haha
  • You're everyone's crying shoulder
  • You're acting every time as a dad haahha. 
  • You're great!!
I cant wait to see you. Can't wait to hug and kiss you!! I love you mama. 
And thank you for showing me that you're strong. It inspires me. 

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