Why look for happiness? God can give you Joy

I'd be happy if I have a boyfriend
I'd be happy if my family appreciates me
I'd be happy if my best friend would stay true to me
I'd be happy if I don't have a failing grades
I'd be happy if I'm studying in a popular university

That's our common problem. We depend our happiness into something we don't actually have. Or we don't have yet.  What if, what if you have given the chance to have it now, assume that it made you happy. Then suddenly, it's gone. Then what's next? You're gonna look for someone to blame? Are you going to cry all night and ask God why did he take away things that you want? Worry not. God is just not giving you what you need, but he will provide what you need. 

Do not depend your happiness into something else. God will give you joy.

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