Coping with Failure

1. Expect mistakes and knocks as they’re a normal part of life. The chances are you’re not any worse than other people!

2. Remind yourself that, on the whole, you are good enough. You may not be perfect – but at least you’re trying. It take courage to step out, and to get up when you fall down. Just being willing to do that is a true mark of success.

3. Don’t over-react. It is better to stay calm, to maintain your composure and choose how you’ll respond. A knee jerk reaction often leads to real regret.

4. Try not to think or worry about how others see you. Don’t let other people determine your self-worth.

5. Put a positive slant on a bad experience. What can you learn from this that moves you closer to success? What can you laugh about with friends; what can you see as humorous?

6. Fix your focus on your goals, then look ahead and keep on going. Don’t let a setbacks deflect you from your purpose and your dreams.

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