Dear Dad,

I am very sorry that I only remember you when Father's Day is approaching. And since we do not celebrate children' day, I wonder if you can still remember me.

You know dad, I always wanted to post our picture's together. But sadly, I didn't have any of your pictures. I didn't have any idea how you look like. Since then, I always want to hear you calling me daughter. I always want to feel your embrace. But dad, if you're too busy with your life, I will understand that you can not manage to see me.

I always pray that one day, I can write the story of us, how we met and how I love to hear your voice. And I also pray that you will do an effort to look for me. I love you. You're still my dad after all. No one can replace you.

As of this date June 14, 2014. I have already wrote our story.
Im sorry Papa, I didn't look after you when I still have the time ;(

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