Facebook Restrictions

Facebook is turning into stalking haven. And since facebook doesn't feature "who viewed me", You will never know who's viewing your profile from time to time. And if someone in facebook annoys you through his status, through his undying comments on your pictures. And you dont want him to be updated with your facebook activities, but you don't want to unfriend him. I wanna share this to you.
 Beside your Message Icon is a friend icon which categorized your friend according to your list. You can put him in your close friends, starred friends, family, and restricted, If you will check that (restricted), all posts, activities, photo's and statuses will no longer visible to that person. That person is the only one who'll never see your updates but you can still see all his activities. So be careful If you will choose this. And you just have to uncheck it if you want to have everything back to normal

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