Cinemalaya 2012 Entry: Bwakaw Review

The queue is over....

I appreciate Indie Films since then, and so I am waiting for every years Cinemalaya Festival. One of this year's entry for the director's showcase is Bwakaw:

Bwakaw is also a Filipino word means greedy, selfish. I thought the film bwakaw will only a story an old man who was left alone because of his selfishness when he was young. But I was wrong. Bwakaw, is a story of how an old man, loved his dog named bwakaw; which is named because of her behavior. The story rotates on how the old man prepares for the things that he might left when he dies. To whom his all properties be given, where he should be laid, and how to look like when he's already in the coffin. But becuase he prepares things in advance, he didnt reallize that he's losing the real purpse of his life. To be happy while he lives. While other's are struggling for survival, he just waiting for his death.

This is the quotation that I love from the film:

Instead of preparing for the things when you leave, why don't you prepare for the things where you go?

He is planing who will enherit his properties, but he didn't bother to decide where he will go. He conluded that he will go in hell because he is a gay. And he believes that gays are not allowed in heaven. Ohh that's not true. God is accepting repentance. God promised that we will with Him if we obey Him. So while we are still here, we should obey God and his word. Death is inevitable. We will face that. But still have a choice where to go.


I love what you quoted. I think preparation for after death is an important yet often forgotten thing.

January Ferrera mod

looks like a good movie to watch.:)

Michelle Villarta-Cabanas mod

You're lucky to be given the chance to watch Cinemalaya.  As for the movie - BWAKAW.  I think  it's the same thing with reality.  Sometimes we're too busy attending to our everyday needs here on earth that we forget to take time and prepare for the after life.

Gelo Basilio mod

A very interesting story... Hope i had the time to watch the movie

Khimbyrlee Eerlrybmihk mod

We became busy with work that we forget that we still have to tend to many things with our life. 



I do not get to watch indie films. :(


sometimes, we tend to disregard our real purpose in life, to be happy and to live worthy.


Nanghihinayang ako that I didn't get to watch the films even when there were screenings in Trinoma. Hopefully the UP screenings I can go to naman. This film is one of those that I'm going to try to watch. thanks for the review!


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