“Coming Home to Mandaue Foam; Your home, your imagination"

Bedroom is my comfort zone in the house. It's the only area where I found myself, enjoying what I'm doing. It's the area where Im doing my daily devotions. And it's the area where I love writing my blogs. So as I was browsing http://mandauefoam.com.ph/ website, I saw this lovely bed

Study shows color blue attracts determination. And this bed seems good for me. I always want to be determinate in everything I do. Wether having my devotion, doing my blog, reading books and studying my lesson. And I also want to have a study table and I guess this one is perfect for me

and it will not be complete without this cozy chair

Being comfortable with where you do your tasks help you to become more productive. How about you? where's your comfort zone in your house? Have you tried looking at http://mandauefoam.ph/ website and watching Mandaue Foam's New TV Commercial ? I recommended you to watch it and visit their website. You will be amazed of their products.


will post mine later or tom! :)


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