Click Review

They say, we can only appreciate things when they're gone. But the movie click, gives a new view about appreciation of the things that we have. Family, Career, Love Life.


Michael Newman ( Adam Sandler) is a loving father and husband, but he's got an office and a career he sees more often than his own family. To only make matters worse is a boss who takes everything for granted, including advantage of Michael by dangling a promotion in front of his face. But when one late night trip to a Bed, Bath and Beyond store for a new remote control, Michael finds himself in the possession of a new kind of remote control, developed by an eccentric inventor. A remote control so significant that it allows Michael to be able to fast forward, rewind, pause and practically control all the events in his life. So much to an extent that it becomes a luxury for the overworked man who finally gets some quality time with his family and his life. But not everything lasts forever as Michael is about to find out, when the remote control begins to malfunction, causing Michael to deal with the consequences. (source)

The nature of the father is to work hard so he can provide for the needs of his family. But most of the time, becuase fathers prioritize work, he almost forgot to give the emotional needs of his children, because he believes his wife can do that. He chooses meeting over family outing. He chooses project presention over family dinner. It's not bad to prioritize work, we all do have career in our priority list, but family comes first.

  • We all have regrets of the things we didn't do in the past, but good thing is, we can create better things today
  • What you are today, is because of the decision you made yesterday
  • There's always a better future and it starts today
  • Death is inevitable. We dont know when. But we can decide where to go
  • Appreciate everything you have right now, becuase it is once you wished to have
It's not bad to prioritize work, we all do have career in our priority list, but family comes first.

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