Ten facts about the RH Bill

  1. #RHBill gives a person freedom to choose what family planning method to use, or NOT to use any method at all.
  2. #RHBill does not legalize abortion. In fact, it explicitly adheres to the penal law on abortion.
  3. #RHBill does not impose an ideal family size and leaves this decision to couples.
  4. : #RHBill respects the religious convictions and cultural beliefs of all.
  5. #RHBill will not teach a 10-year-old how to use condoms. RH education is age- and development- appropriate.
  6. #RHBill promotes BOTH natural & artificial methods.
  7. Contraceptives are safe and effective family planning tools
  8. #RHBill will not indiscriminately distribute condoms to all.
  9. An average of 11 mothers die daily. That’s a fact.
  10. #RHBill will not force anyone to act against their ethical or religious beliefs.
It sounds good yeah. Government will provide contraceptives to the people, but can you imagine?

Disclaimer: You can see the full articles at Senator Pia Cayetano's Blog

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