Thou Shall Not Lie

Have you tried riding in the public vehicle and suddenly a group of badjao ride and started singing?

They have this drum, singing, dancing, and giving you envelopes with "ate kuya, konting tulong lang po, pambili ng pagkain" ( sister, brother, May I ask for help so I can buy food?) You're familiar with that operation, either you wont give anything because you're thinking they are just part of the syndicate or you'll give them some coins so they are go.

I was riding in the jeepney along Pasig when two men came and asked for helped. They are saying they need help to support the funeral expenses of his niece who died in pneumonia. I doubted them. But the other passengers are convinced and give them paper bills and coins. They believed in what the man said because he has a death certificate and funeral contract.

I feel so sorry that I don't believe them. What if, they're saying the truth, what if they really need help, eh how about what if, they are just the same with those who were operated by the syndicate?

I heard the same story from a friend. I'll ask forgiveness that I neglected that they need help.

What do you think? Is this just a modus operandi?

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