Let's Move & Let's Love

I have been always transparent on how I feel. If I'm mad, I will let yo know it. If I appreciate someone, I'll tell it right in front of that person. 

Last night, I had argument with my mom. I slept with no peace of mind. Im keep on thinking who was wrong. If it was me or it's her. I admit that Im a hard headed daughter, that I don't listen to what my mom says all the times, because sometimes, I want to stand on my on my own and do things what I think is right. .But yes, I know, mother knows best

So when I woke woke up this morning, I went to my mom and hug her tight and say sorry. I may have a hard head, but what's inside me is a soft heart. 

My mom deserves best. Because its what represents her. She deserves Benetton Let’s Move & Let’s Love fragrances

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