So just tell me why.

I really dont understand why there are people who deny they are inlove wherein their action reveals what they feel. But  when they're broken hearted  they let everyone knows that it hurts like yeah and they will never fall in love again. It is really easy for you to show that you're in pain? than those times you were happy? Oh la la. 

Your Friends: No. Don't deny it. You look good. You're blooming. Tell us who. 
You: Who what?
Your Friends: Who inspires you. 
You: No! There's none. 
Your Friends: Oh cmon! Your eyes are telling "Im inlove"
You: No. Im not!!


But then.... 
Your Friends: You look so miserable. What happened?
You: It's my fault. It's my fault. 
Your Friends: Your fault what?
You: I shouldn't fall. But I just did. I fell in love. Men are all the same. They're giving me heartbreak. I hate them all. I hate them all. I wont fall in love again. 

So just tell me why. 


Maybe because some people are scared to let the world know they are in love and because they might spoil it. Then again you kind of make a point. Why keep it a secret then say things against it anyway p_p Ahh, love issues are tough >.<


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