I dont care if the government will ban my blog because of this post. The !@#$ I care. 

Social networking sites are powerful nowadays. Facebook. Twitter. Blog Sites. Fun Pages. It has been useful and destructive now. Yeah. We, users of the all the social networking sites, are aware of that. But we all know how social media helps us in communicating information. And how it helps the politician to aknowlegde their works right?

Law Makers should pass bills for the protection of the people. Not for their own protection. We are in a democratic country. Allow me to say these things. Allow us, to say what we see. Allow us to have freedom. 

Please officials, dirty politics run in our country. Politicians do crimes. Politicians kill people. Politicians steal. But they do not get imprisoned. So how was that? creating a bill for those who expressed of their idea? Big crime huh?

I demand Freedom. 

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