The Mistress Review

The Mistress is a Filipino movie. JD (John Lloyd Cruz) is a young self-made architect, who lives his life away from the affluence and influence of his family. He has turned his back from the responsibilities of the family corporation, mostly out of resentment for his philandering father. Can love change JD and give him the strength to fight for Sari? Will Sari have the courage walk away from her benefactor and take the life of freedom that JD is offering? Or will they both learn that some loves are just not meant to be? 

Lesson Learned:

  • Pursuing a woman takes time. And sometimes, women say no to men not because she doesn't like him. There's always a reason behind that no. 
  • Idolatry would never have a good fruit. 
  • If ever a committed man, fall in love with  another woman, he always comes back to the first one he  loves.
  • No one ever wanted to be somebody's mistress  To be and not be a mistress is a choice. But in the movie, Sari, chose to be the mistress to pay back the gratitude of the benefactor. 
  • If the father shows love from the very beginning, his son won't be miserable. It's his love that his son has been looking for.
9/10 For this movie. Actors are all good. I just don't love the concept of the movie. Movies in the local industry all about having a mistress. It may give a wrong message to the younger generation. But! JLC is so hot and I cant resist to watch. 

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