You can put the blame on.... me?

If there's a bad thing that happened, we always look for someone to blame. Imagine, we blame government for the damage road, without considering that the road might giving  services to the public for almost 5 decades. We blame the official's corruption for the bad economy. We blame our teacher's teaching style when we failed their exams. We blame our parents for being irresponsible when they can not afford sending us to school.  And worst, we look for someone to blame, when we commit mistakes. 
We are responsible for everything. In the community. In the house. In the school. In our mistakes. Be responsible enough! 

When you point your finger at someone, three fingers are pointing back at you.


such a simple and great post. luv it ^^
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Just stopping by to show support! Nice article. And oh, what do you do when some rumormongers made up a story with you as the star?


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