Forever, breaking dawn part 2

I am not a twilight avid fan. I only watched the previous sequel on a reproduced copy. And there's only few things I knew about the movie

  • Edward is a vampire
  • Jacob is hot
  • Bella fell in love with Edward
  • Edward and Bella are lovers in real life
While other's are fascinated about the finale of the Twilight. Im just like, Yes. It's fiction, I better watch good-to-be-true movies.  But after winning  a movie pass from Nuffnang, I was enlightened. 

Twilight's Finale exceeded my expectations.  More than romance. I was really amazed on it's finale. It was perfect. The romance is perfect than any other love story movies I've watched. And fight scenes are perfect than with I observe with hunger games. 

"You are the reason why I have something to fight for"-Edward Cullen


ako na ang di pa nakakapanood ng breaking dawn :(

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andami ko ng naririnig at nababasang magagandang review jan :)


Still,di ko pa napapanood part 2 :(


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