When everyone hates you for just ONE mistake

I know you already  watched the viral video of a student who yelled to one of the lady guards of LRT  Santolan station. It was posted last night and it's a trending topic in all social networking sites today. The video spread rapidly and it happened that people traced the student behind this and bash her in twitter. She received negative feedbacks about the video. And today, a new word is used to describe her AMALAYER


I can not blame those who called her with names. Uneducated. Unrespectful. Famewhore and so on. The video says it all. She's rude. 

Because of that video, I realized things today

  1. No matter how pissed, tired, or stressed you are, always show respect to everyone. Beacuse everyone gets tired. 
  2. If you're having a bad day, do not let anyone suffers for you. 
  3. Everyone will only remember what you did wrong. So be careful in every actions you do

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