This Journal Will Actually Change Someone's Life

If you'll check my wishlist for this christmas, you will see that 2013 planner is on the first list. Every year, I am asking someone to give me planner as a christmas gift. Honest speaking, I can afford to buy my own planner, with the design I want, with the themes I'd love. But I still love to receive it from someone with the idea that for the whole year, I will remember that someone because Im using his gift for me everyday.

Well, to tell you, I have a busy schedule. Deadline in the office, blogger events every month, movie screening, day-to-day chores, church ministry, theater rehearsals, traveling, family bonding. That's why I need a planner. I really need a planner that will not only help me to sched the things I need to accomplish but will encourage me to those things. Glad that I've discovered "This Journal Will Actually Change Someone's Life"
Catchy? It is honestly interesting. This Journal Will Actually Change Someone's Life is filled with witty facts, unusual holidays & interesting blurbs, awesome pages with mood charts, quarterly check-ups and tips for self-empowerment. 

This planner was created with the collaboration of the artists under Free Speech Publication. Filipinos. Young. Talented. Passionate. And volunteers of

So if your looking for a planner for next year, I highly recommend this planner for you. You can order online at for only 775.00 and it's also available at Powerbooks and Fullybooked. Your 775.00 is worth it. Because the proceeds will be given to LifeLine Foundation. So aside from imparting changes in your life, you could also help LifeLine Foundation. Sounds great right?

Another thing, You can visit to know more about their advocacy. 

So what's your waiting for? Be ready to have a change life using this planner!!!


COOL! So I checked the Lifeline website at, and says the proceeds will be used to make wells in Africa. How many wells have they made already?


ang ganda ng planner!

need mo talaga planner sis. ang busy ng life mo eh :)

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