Beauty or Peanuts

Life is like a Baguio. 

It's filled with beautiful hills and zigzag roads, horsetails and boat rides, pine trees and fresh air- but we tend to focus on the rancid bag of problems and  be disgusted with life in general. 

Always remember: Experience is not what happens to you. Experience is what you do after what happens to you. 

Your life is not about events. Your life is about the interpretation you give to those events. And you have the power to pace whatever interpretation to that event. 


By the power of focus. 

Disclaimer: This is an excerpt from Bo Sanchez' book, Take Charge, Give All 


Some profound thoughts you got there. The picture kinda reminds me of my province though :P


After seeing this post, it made me miss Baguio even more! I shall she you (referring to Baguio) again this March!


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