Busting the Myth: Iron Woody Fitness Exercise Bands Can Help Women Too

When women can't make it to the gym or they are on a road trip, they can still get a jamming workout using IronWoodyFitness.com exercise bands. This workout tool weighs next to nothing so it's easy to pack. It provides resistance at the level the woman needs. Free weights only work out a certain aspect of the muscle. Bands work out the muscle in 3D. This tool can be used to work out the lower back, shoulders and derriere, as well. That's something free weights can't do.

To work out the lower back, stand on the band in a squat position. With the ends of the band clasped in the hands, place hands on back of the neck. Gently - do not spring - stand upright, back straight and stomach in. Do three reps of fifteen.

Shoulders can be worked out with the band placed across the shoulder blades. Wrap the ends around the hands just enough to provide tension. Extend arms in front, elbows straight, crossing wrists. Return arms to the sides, elbows extended, with the shoulder blades almost touching. Do three reps of fifteen.

The buttocks workout can be done one of two ways. Either standing or on the knees, place the band on the instep of the foot. Holding the bands in the hands if standing or holding the bands on the floor if on the knees, raise one leg backwards toward the ceiling. The thigh and knee will be straight with the lower leg and inflexed foot at a 45 degree angle. Lower leg . Repeat three times, fifteen each, and then switch legs.

Pilates uses the body as its own resistance, but a little help never hurt. Using workout bands in conjunction with Pilates exercises provides a deeper tension so every fiber of the muscle has to work harder to perform the task. For example, in performing the rollback move, place the band on the instep of the foot. Wrap the ends of the band around the hands and roll back flat on the floor. Let the resistance in the band pull you back up. Do not jerk, but gently roll to an upright position. Repeat three sets of fifteen. Click here to discover which Pilates workout bands are right for you.

Workout bands are a great tool for men and women. They provide tension for a 3D experience that free weights can't match and travel with you.


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