Take Charge, Give All Review

I’ll tell you a secret. First,  I have a talent in reading Bo Sachez’ book in one sitting. Second,  I have read all his books but I didn’t buy any of it. (That’s why I have read his books in one sitting. I just read it in bookstores LOL) I think I need to ask for Bo’s forgiveness. I love his books but I don’t want to buy it, I want others to buy it for me.

Speaking of his book, My pretty friend bought me his latest book. Champion's Manual: Take Charge, Give  All “7 Steps to Determine your Destiny and Create Incredible Success in Your Life” 

This books talked about 7 areas
  1.       Focus. He explained there that we should focus  on the good sides of life and disregard the bad sides.  
  2.       Identity. What we think of ourselves is different from what God sees us. Your identity from Christ is more important compared to what you labeled yourself.
  3.        Emotions. Bo said we should not deny our emotions, we should not avoid our emotions. Because our emotions, especially negative one have a unique ability to reveal our soul. And we should let God to do his works to heal our negative emotions.
  4.        Values. Our values are built on God’s Law. So every time you’re making a decision, do it with your value.
  5.     Time. Take Charge and Give all you 10,000 hours in everything. In relationship, in your family, in your career, in your ministry and in your studies. He said, quality time isn't enough. It should be quality and quantity time.
  6.     Talent. I love this topic. God gave us all talents. But we have to discover it, develop and deliver it. Talent may not work overnight. It’s also a lifelong process. So you’re growing with where you are right now, it means, it’s your talent. God gave you that, and you must do deliver your talent for God’s glory.
  7.        Treasure. Bo states that all success comes from pain. When he says take charge to your treasure means take charge to your pain. There’s no permanent pain.

I honestly like Bo’s book. His wisdom. His way of writing. And his humor through his books. I’ll be biased if I give 10 for this  Take Charge, Give All book. But yes. I highly recommend this book.

My favorite quotation on this book
Experience in not what happens to you. Experience is what you do to what happens to you.

Your opinion of yourself will determine the level of your success

All permanent success comes from pain. All success that doesn't come from pain will be short lived. 


i want to read that book. bibili ako soon ;)


Hey you should hehe :)


My sister has that book! :) She loves Bo Sanchez too! I guess I should borrow her books of Bo Sanchez and read it too! :)


omg! must try to read this one! sounds very good and very related to me hihi xx


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