When I stopped praying,

No. Not literally. I never stopped praying faithfully for the things that I'm believing to have, or the person I want to be. But there's a certain instance where I asked myself, about my reasons in praying. 

Let say, I have been praying for this  company for a long time. The first time I tried. I failed. The second time, I missed my final interview, and for the last time, ( Third time, But I swear it would be my last ) My heart was totally different. For  a very unexplained reason, I couldn't feel it's really for me. It's seems that, I lost my interest to the company that I've been praying. Then I asked God why. Why all of the sudden, my heart to work there was gone. 

When we pray for the things we want, God gives it.  For He answers our prayer if we believe we've received it. ( Mark 11:24 ) But if you think God doesn't give the things you want, worry not. God still answers our prayer by changing our heart. Because we make so many plans for ourselves, but still God's plan will prevail. ( Proverbs 19:21 ) 

And in my case, He answered my prayer!! Yes really. He let me realized, that it's not for me. He prepared best for me and He doesn't want me to settle for what I thought the best. And I will not stop praying ( 1 Thessalonians 5:17 ) 


Habang my buhay may pag asa girl ;) Keep praying lang :)

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