Happy 22nd Birthday to me!!!

Due to the poor internet connection and busy sched, I wasn't able to post my birthday celebration on time. Mehee. Anyways, I cant still believe that I'm 22 years old now, it seems that, I just celebrated my 18th birthday yesterday.

I want a special birthday celebration every year. I want February 1 is always unforgettable. There you go, would you believe that the countdown of my birthday happened in the office? Well yes. I have been working when the clock reached 12 midnight. Chaaaraaan! I appreciate dear friends who waited 12 midnight just to greet me,

And then I woke up early just to see the sunrise 
Unedited Photo taken at 5:20 am
I was so glad that after a month of planning to visit the Campus Ministry, I finally made it! 

Aside from visiting them, I was the one who preached the word for that day which was entitled  "I want to know what love is". I was amazed on young people eagerness to hear the word of God. How they want to know God more. So after my ministry there, I date my Cell Group Member
L-R Sarah, Me. Jelyn and Junnie Mae
I came home at late afternoon and my mom was done preparing food
My favorite flavored cake, chicken curry and spaghetti

My leader also came in the house. Grabbed the chance to have a picture in the mountain.

Believe it or  not, I am living in this place. This was my first ever picture here. 
Oh. The sunset
sunset at 6:10 in the evening

 Wiiink!! I want to thank my friends who remembered my birthday, You know, My birthday is hidden in facebook,  that is why I really appreciate those who know  my birthday without facebook's notification. I also appreciate those who greeted me at 12mn. I feel loved. 

This year's celebration  is far from what I have planned last year, I admit I longed to see someone, to atleast spend my birthday with him, but because o the busy sched, we cant make it. But still it's a happy birthday, I will lie if I will not say that I had a very special birthday. 

You know what made my birthday special? It's the sunrise and sunset. I am a fan of God's creation. And it was a blessing for me to saw the sunset and sunrise on my birthday. It never happened for a long time. And it made my heart so happy. 

Thank You God for your gift of life. 
And thank you friends for the gift and friendship. 

Until next year!! 


Belated happy birthday! Agh! Your photo of the sunrise is lovely, as well as the sunset :)


happy birthday! im sure you celebrated it well :D i realized that I haven't seen the sunrise on any of my bday. I should make that one this year :)


The Bargain Doll :)


nice gifts! you deserved all the happiness dear! its my bday also tomorrow feb5 cheers for ourbdays! haha xx


Belated Happy birthday girl....Seems like you really had a blast...Im a lover of sunset, sunrise or even just the sky itself...haha I love staring at it...You are blessed with that kind of view every day I hope I have that on our place...



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