Keep Walking......

When big men try to cope in with the latest fashion, they usually turned to be lame. Imagine a big muscled man walking along the park wearing a flat shoes with his lovely dog, of course, what would be its impact with you? Girly? I guess so.
            Well, this generation has been offering new sense of fashion. From the normal flat shoes to rugged looking shoes. But have you ever wonder what if we mix the army fashion with today’s trend? Let’s imagine you, yes you!. And you were wearing a plain white shirt and a skinny jeans, then you’ll put on an Asolo TPS boots? I guess people will be looking mostly on your shoes! I bet they will! It will surely be a kick off walking around the mall, or even goofing at your campus. But I guess, you have to be really good to carry this type of shoes perfectly. And when I say good, you have to be prepared because the moment you start wearing one, girls will be coming.

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