There's no accident in life.

For every situation we are in, for every person we have in our lives, for every problem we're facing, and for every character we've shown in every circumstances. IT IS NOT AN ACCIDENT.  You are where you are right now because you chose to! You are who you are right now because you decide to! 

My blog is a year older now. Where did I get my title, Dominant Hospitality, is still unanswered question as well as my blog URL. But there's a purpose in everything. Past had passed. Maybe, the Lord wants me to share to you the lessons I learned from my past, the things I've learned from other people. I will be more active in blogging about the lesson's in life, waiting for the right time, letting go, and leaving the past behind.

The Lord doesn't want us to be the prisoner of our past. As the apostle Paul said in Philippians 3:13 "Forget what is Behind, and Strain toward what is ahead". May the Lord gives you more strength to overcome your past. 

Your Friend, 

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