Forced balance!

In accounting, force balancing is when you inaccurately alters the amount of your reports so they can match the numbers in the company's book. In other words, you are  manipulating your reports so you can tie up with the company's record. It's sounds good, If you think you are resourceful  and smart enough because you're able to come up with the balance, BUT it is actually NOT!

It's the same thing that happens in life. Once in your life, you've tried to manipulate things. You have done all the things you can to cover up your mess. And then there goes the compromise that  it will work, that no one, or atleast not everyone will not find out what you did. But just like in accounting, it may sounds good. But it is still not. Not until you admit that you did something wrong. Not until you confess that you did something wrong. And not until you decide to change the way you do it. You don't have to force something to tie up to on how you want it to be done. Do it in the right way. 

I want to share this verse from the bible

You better off to obey God and suffer for doing what is right than to suffer for doing wrong. 
1 Peter 3:17

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