The 500 Challenge

Earning money is not easy. That is why we should spend our money wisely. We should always prioritize buying things we need over things we want. But what if after setting aside your wants, it turns out your need? 

When we say needs, it is not always necessary means, shelter, food and protection. For a working girl like me, improving myself, is now a need. So how can I buy things for myself without spending more money? Here's what I do: 

Last Saturday, before doing my usual saturday schedule, I went in Divisoria alone, and  challenged myself to buy everything I can at 500.00 And look what I  got
Dress Worth 230
Bag worth 150
Shoes worth 150
I have exceeded by 30 pesos but it is not bad at all. I have completed the challenge. Imagine I can buy a complete package for only 500. Let me end this post with my favorite spending quotation 

Your spending habit will reveal your level of responsibility. 


Ayos Mahj! Nakakainspire ka talaga! :)


magaya nga din... kaya ko din yan hehehe :)


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