what happened to "'til death do us part"

I was reading a blog and saw a controversial post about a Cristine Bersola-Babao's write up in a newspaper about "being gay'. I have read all the comments from the poll and found this anonymous comment

 The problem is not being gay, the problem is being sexually available to anyone, experimenting with anyone.. this destroys the foundation of being a family. 

the problem these days is the lifestyle being proclaimed as cool is being sexually active and available, male or female.. whats next - STD, teen pregnancy, abortion, homeless children, poverty, prostitution.. and it is always the young that suffers.. selfish

a straight person which engages sex with a lot of partners is also at fault for not giving value to commitment and family.. so they are just the same

tell me, why do gay people fight for the right to same sex marriage but only a few really ended as partners. and why do we want to legalize divorce, back up plan?

what happened to "'til death do us part"

simple, commit yourself to family (wife, husband, partner), and have a child, so that commitment goes to another level.. if you cant or is impossible to have, adopt one

This is self explanatory. Let us value the importance of family.

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