My prayer for the election 2013

Dear Lord,

You commanded us to submit to the authority (1 Peter 2:13) I pray that the authority who will be sited is the the person you appointed. Do not let cheaters win. Let you will be done on this country.

I pray that all voters will vote according to your standards. Open their eyes so they can see people who really deserve to win, open their hearts so they can understand the importance of their votes. 

I pray Lord for a peaceful election day. I pray that there will be no violence to this awaited event. 

You said to your word, that your plan for us is to give us hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11), give us a heart that will be faithful to believe and trust in you that there's always a hope for our country. 

You knows what's best for us. LET YOUR WILL BE DONE

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