City Locs Shades And Wooden Pendants Are Hip And Stylish

When it comes to urban street-style sunglasses and wood pendants, the undisputed leading brand is City Locs shades. The dark, stylish shades offered by this California company are available in a wide variety of styles and are regularly worn by many hip-hop artists.
One of the most popular models of City Locs sunglasses is the 'Smile Now Cry Later' set. This set of chopper-style glasses features the classic theatrical 'Smile Now Cry Later' masks engraved into both arms of the glasses and eight frame choices are available.
The Bandana Color City Locs sunglasses feature a bandana print that is engraved on both arms of the shades. The bandana print is available in black/blue, black/grey and black/red color combinations.
Roses are a popular design on these shades. The basic Roses set features lovely roses engraved on both of the arms and and is available in eight frame choices.
A very popular chopper-style model of Locs sunglasses features a skull and roses combination engraved on both arms and is also available in eight frame styles.
The Pistolero model of chopper-style City Locs sunglasses contains the famed Pistoloero figure engraved into both arms and is available in eight frame styles.
Many other styles of these sunglasses are also available and the prices are reasonable.
Twelve different types of wooden pendants are provided by City Locs. These high quality, crafted pendants are designed to be worn by men and they always make a bold fashion statement.
The Aztec Skull wood pendant is a favorite fashion accessory for many young men everywhere. An intricate skull design is set against a 3.5 inch tall wooden sunburst background attached to a hand beaded wooden necklace.
A very popular wood pendant design from City Locs is the Praying Hands model. This 3.5 inch tall pendant features a pair of praying hands attached to a 32 inch hand beaded wooden necklace.
Among the other styles of wood pendants offered by this dynamic California company are the Muerte Girl model, the Pitbull, the Guadalupe and the Zapata models. Perhaps the most popular model of all is the Jesus wood pendant.

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