Don't Look Back

Once you step out of the past it's important you don't keep looking over your shoulder to see if it's following you. That's what Lot's wife did and it's paralyzed her. It will paralyze you too. And it will definitely slow you down in the race. Good runners look forward and keep focused on the goal.

Even if you have never had one bad thing happen to your life, or you have been delivered from every negative memory you ever had, you still need to pray to be free of your past. That's because even  the good things of your past can keep you allowing God to do a new thing now. God is always wanting to take you to a new place in your life, and you will keep Him from doing that if you are hanging on to the way things have always been done. He will never allow us to rest on past success. If we rely on the way things have always been done, we aren't relying on Him. And that's the whole point. 

I guarantee that no matter how old you are, God has something new He wants to do on your life. Ask Him to show you what that is. Tell Him you intend to stay in the race and you don't want to carry any baggage from the past around you. Tell Him you want to run in such a way so that you will obtain the prize (1 Corinthians 9:24)

This is an excerpt from The Power of a Praying Woman, p.246

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