What I learned from Icon2013

If you want to grow, spend time with great people, visit great places, attend great events, listen to great tapes
-John Maxwell, Invaluable Laws of Growth

Since I want to invest in my personal growth and in financial literacy, I attended the iCon2013 No Nonsense Investing Seminar last Saturday. Attending the said event was one of the unforgettable day of this year. So I listed down the things I've learned from the seminar.

Chinkee Tan about Entrepreneurship

  • Aside from thinking positive that he wants everyone to learn, he shared the secret of successful entrepreneurship 

  1. Mindset + Actions = Results.  This equation states that, negative mindset plus negative action is equal to negative results, and so positive mindset plus positive action is positive results.
  2. Never Put Egg in One Basket. He said in order to get a high profit, entrepreneur shouldn't settle putting their money in one business
  3. Never kill the goose that lays egg. Whatever your source of income is, you should protect it. 
  4. Create Money. This illustration will always be generate income.
  5. Create. Handle. Grow. Protect. Entrepreneurship is a cycle. You should know how to make it grow and then protect it. 
"People Remain poor not because they're lack of money, but they are lack of knowledge-Chinkee Tan

Efren Ll. Cruz on Investing Planning 

  • Efren Cruz is a Registered Financial Planner who shared 5 Investing Rule 
  1. Asses your Risk 
  2. Are you all SET? ( Size of funds, Expertise in Investing, Time availability in Investing)
  3. Before you invest, Investigate
  4. Diversify
  5. Review your perfomance
Dennis Sy on Money Values

  • I dont want to be biased but, Dennis Sy is my favorite speaker that day. He was entertaining the audience. He was not just shared investing 101, but he shared values and intentions in investing. 
Six Universal Values 
 Primary  Secondary
 God  Money
 Life  Food
 Body  Clothes
"You can keep your bank account, but it can't love you" Dennis Sy

Marvin Germo on Stock Market Investing 
  • So if you haven't invested yet, you should invest because.....
  1. It (Stock Market) c allows privately companies to be owned publicly. 
  2. It gives mass population access to trade. 
  • If you already invested you should... 
  1. Stick to your plan
  2. Study.Study.Study
  3. Build your own conviction
  4. Accumulate
"When you invested in the Stock Market, you should have your goals. Ans stick on your goals that no matter how many ups and downs stock market may encounter, you will not sell your shares, unless you reach your goal". Marwin Germo

Randell Tiongson also showed us, some on his book content ( By the way, it will be available on August). Here it is. 

I found it helpful, especially for me, who plans to invest in stock market soon. 


How to hire a good financial advisor, for that we need to remember some points. Like: the advisor must be cfp certified, passing the financial planner exam. Passing the environmental planner licensure exam given by the Professional Regulation Commission on the basis of performance. And the most important is how much experience have in this field.


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