Spend and Save No More

Are you one of those who are spending more after getting your pay check? Or those who planned to budget their finances but still ending up with no saving at all?

It’s not easy to save. Im trying, but Im always failing.

Maybe you answered that way when someone asked you if you have your savings.  Well to tell you honestly it’s not easy. But. But it is possible isn’t it? If other people can manage their finances well, so are you.

The secret of those who managed their money isn’t because of their salary. So if you’re just a minimum wage earner, it’s good news for you. Because yes! You can also do that. Want to know how?


Uh oh. Does the world discipline frighten you?  It’s not easy to save right? But, with the right discipline, it is possible. If you want to start saving, you should start how to discipline yourself from not spending more than what you earn. And to discipline yourself means to start today. Not tomorrow. Not when you have your increase in your salary. Not when you’re already married. It is today.  

Contrary to the title of this post, I want to encourage you to discipline yourself from being a spender to saver.

I want to end this with a quotes from Jim Rohn

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.

I pray you get the right discipline to reach the goal you want to accomplish

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