To All The Single Ladies

Don’t let your longing for a godly man become your idol. Keep your eyes focused on Christ and maximize your singleness for His glory.
And don’t fool yourself; constantly talking about guys and being single does notmean that you have "given it to the Lord." That’s just you trying to convince yourself that you have.
I understand that this is a real struggle for many ladies. You pray, read all these singleness & dating articles, read couples’ blogs, read romance novels, watch a million romance movies, hoping that one day you will have something like that. Then years pass and you still don’t have that man. You’re still waiting.

Am I doing something wrong?
Am I ugly?
Is it because of __________?
Why don’t any of the nice guys notice me?
What do I need to change?

STOP. Stop trying to do all the right things. Be you. God doesn’t work in your time frame. Trust Him. What’s wrong is that you have made this issue your idol. You have filled your mind with romance, coveted the godly relationships around you, and put your hope in a man pursuing you (whom will never meet all the qualifications of those romance novels & movies). 

Okay… so what? Repent. Stop looking to this issue as your hope. Dating and marrying a godly man has become your idol. Yes it is a God-given longing, but you have taken that longing and have begun to serve and worship it.
You are single right now for a purpose, and that purpose is to serve and worship Christ with all your being. Stop waiting around for a guy to pursue you. Live your life. Serve Christ. Serve others. Proclaim the gospel. You’ll meet a guy along the way. If you don’t, God will still be the object of your attention and you will be content serving Him.

With brotherly love,

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