Because I trusted him......

I was staying in Laguna for the past 3 weeks.

I had a training schedule in Chino Roces Makati. That is quite far from home, that's why I decided to stay with my uncle in Laguna, who drives a public bus from their place to Buendia. I used to travel within 30 mins from Laguna. Sounds impossible. But it is really true. When my uncle said I could be in Makati by 7:30. I believe we can reach Makati even we left home at 6:40. He's the driver, I know he can do it. Im riding with his bus everyday. Except this day.

Today, He has his rest day, so he just accompanied me to the bus terminal and said goodbye. While Im travelling in Skyway ( the fastest way to go to Manila ) I felt uncomfortable. I remembered the skyway accident. I looked araound and prayed. And I realized what makes me feel  comfortable when my uncle is driving. Relationship.

As I was thinking about my uncle and the trust I have with Him, I was reminded of our confidence in our relationship with God. It is because of our relationship with that makes us confident that we are protected. It is becuase of our relationship that makes us trust him more.

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